He went on a pilgrimage to Varanasi to worship in the famous Siva temple Kashi Vishwanath in 1904. He wanted to enter a Free-lunch place but finding that it was meant only for Brahmins he disguised himself as a one. But it was discovered that he was not a Brahmin and he was removed from the place.Later he learnt that the Free-lunch place was built with the donation of a Dravidian merchant. He saw the discrimination against non brahmins. He had pictured Kasi as a place where all Hindus would be treated equally. This humililation was the turning point in Periyar’s life and after that made a deep wound in the heart of Periyar and it inflamed intense hatred towards the caste system and Hindu religion itself On returning to Erode – his father delegated all his trade rights to this second son and renamed his major commercial concern under the title: “E.V. Ramasamy Mandi”.