Tamil Nadu countenances even those who have the andacity to declare from rostrums that its foolish to demand that Tamil songs should be sung and that there should be Tamil Music in Tamil Nadu, and who ridicule those who demand thus.Songs in good Tamil, bringing out the beauties of Nature, the courage, the compassion and the dignified and egalitarain life of the Tamil, their histor, fairnes, code of justice, patriotism, zeal for languag, unity and discipline, should alone be sung.
There are two kinds of dramas. One is music drama and the other is prose-dram. People prefer only prose-plays.

It is of little profits to the Tamils, if Literature,Music and Drama do not serve to foster in them self-respect, to enhance their knowledge and to help them to attain human qualities. This applies to arts presented in any language of the world.

Whatever art it is, it should be conducive to supertition and improper behaviour.