If our people do not consent to bring about reforms in caste, religion, habits and customs, in what other way can freedom, excellence and self-respect be ushered in?

In a land of freedom, can the citizens be SUDRAS? Can there be religions, epics and laws that consider the citizens untouchables, salves, sinners and menials ? Think and act !

The caste-system that teaches notions of superiority, inferiority, high and low, depending on birth, should be scotched at the very base.

The constitution at prsent is not conducive to eradication of caste. It deems it as contrary to fundamental right, at the same time, it also prohibits communal ratio as it considers it class-hatred. To say that caste can exist but not the previlege on the basis of caste, is the worst of all deceptions.

The very word, `caste’, `Jathi’, is from Sanskrit. In Tamil there is no word to describe caste. It is customary in Tamil, to ask for one’s `sect’, or `class’. Birth is not conditioned by caste distinctions and caste marks. There cannot be any caste among mankind. To speake of `caste’, differences among us who are of the same country, is sheer mischief.