Why should the divine power of God disappear if the image of God is seen by some? Why should God and temple be defiled if some go there? Why should God die if some touch His image? Why should God, with the same name and image, have different powers, according to the places where He is?

The image of God in such places as Banares, Puri and Pandaripuram do not ‘die’ when touched by anyone. Those who go to these temples offer worship by doing all the ceremonies themselves. But why do the same-Gods ‘die’ only in Tamilnadu, if they are touched? Thus, why do the powers of Gods and their lives, and the reputation of temples vary from place to place?

Only he who spends according to his means, without borrowing, will be a rich man.

A good family is that which does not spend beyond its means. Its expenses should be carefully husbanded. Such a family is a dignified family.

He who serves by adopting the principle of being useful to others in this worldly life, and causes no pain to any one else, does not need a separate religion.