Why is it that a foreigner is required to find out the hieght of Himalays, while we claim to have discovered the Seven Worlds, above and the Seven more below; why is that when we claim to have the ebility expound Lord Nataraja’s Cosmic Dance, the construction of this simple loud speaker in front of us is an enigma; we should really contemplate on these aspects. You should come forward to use reason to enlarge your general knowledege.

Man is considered superior to other beings in this world, because he has limitless capacity for knowledge, People in other lands have advanced greatly, utilizing this knowledge. But our countrymen owing to lack of use of this knowledge, are abjectly deteriorating. Stating that ours is a land of enlightenment, we build tanks and temples; in other lands, men fly in sapce and amaze the whole world.

What we need today is growth of knowledge, in order to advance in every field. Knowledge should have its sway.

It is through rationality that man’s longevity has been increased and his mortality has been significantly reduced.