Look at the enormous change in our life today. Our comforts in daily life have vastly improved. Formerly, we had only the bullockcart. Now we have such modern comforts as the locomotive, the motorcar and aeroplane. We struck flints to make a fire, but now, the pressing of a button makes a thousand electric lights burn. Our people understanding, despite so much change in life, remains just as it was a thousand years ago!.

Even those, who some time ago belived all the stories about God, that is who believed that devine power exist, have now come to be so ashamed of there own belief, that hiding there ignorance, they are now struggling heard to prove those stories as scientifically true.

He who first created fire with the help of flints, was the “Edition” of those days. There after, we advanced step by step and we now have fire through electricity. Thus, change is natural and inevitable, and no can one stop it.

A big change should come about in our country on the food front. We must certainly discover a chemical product as substitute for rice. We first used steam power, with the help of fire, to drive an engine. Then kerosene, crude oil, pertrol, electricity for power. In a like manner, the human engine, without being driven by huge intake of food, can be activated by and made to subsist on some fine source of energy, similar to electricity.

Hereafter, even human birth will be rare. Similarly death rate also will decrease. Man can easily live for a hunderd years on an avrege, no one will have more than two children. There will be no correlation between sexual relationship and child-birth.