The love of one’s tongue is the foremost of all loves that are required of the people born in our land. He that has no love for his tongue certainly has no love for his land. A nation functions on the basis of the love for one’s language. So it is my prayer that Tamil’s love for their mother-tongue should grow.

I affirm again and again that the love of the mother-tongue is a must for those born in TamilNadu. The Bengalis love Bengali. The Maharashtrians love the Marathi langauage. The Andhras love the Telgu language. But the tamils have no love for the Tamil-tongue. The Tamils will never progress unless they bestow love on thier mother-tongue.

If I consider that my country will not serve my ideals, will not help to foster them , I shall forthwith quit it. Similarly, if the language is not conducive to my ideals, or to the advancement of my people, or to their living self-respect, I will promptly discard it and follow what is useful.

As I am aware of disadvantages of another language being imposed on our country. I am intolearnt of it oppose it, I do not resist it merely because it is new or it belong to another land.

Writing in Tamil about the Arts are useful to the people in their life and which foster knowledge, talent and courage, and propagating them among the masses, ther byenlightening the people and enriching the language; this alone can be regarded as zeal for Tamil.