Periyar’s self-respect movement was founded on a principle of intense anti-Brahmanist racism, while nominally claiming to be a movement espousing “rationalism” and “athieism”.Tamil Brahmins (Iyers and Iyengars) were frequently held responsible by followers of Periyar for direct or indirect oppression of lower-caste people on the canard of “Brahmin oppression” and resulted in innumerable hate attacks on Brahmins and which amoung other reasons started a wave of forced mass-migration of the Brahmin population. Periyar is alleged to have called for “Brahmin killing”s and burning down Brahmin homes. Later, in regards to a DK member’s attempt to assassinate Rajagopalachari, he “expressed his abhorrence of violence as a means of settling political differences”. The canard of “Brahmin oppression” rationalized conspiracy theories and pointed to Brahmins as enemies against whom the radical movements pitted themselves. The legacy of the anti-Brahmanism of the self-respect movement was taken over by the later Dravidan parties. Growing anti-Brahmanism in Chennai provided a rationale for polarization of the lower castes in the DMK movement. Eventually, the virulent anti-Brahmanism subsided somewhat with the replacement of the DMK party by the AIADMK. EVR’s followers have broken temple icons, cut sacred threads and tufts from Brahmin priests, and have often portrayed Brahmins in the most derogatory manner in their meetings and magazines.