Periyar & Pseudohistory

Over the course of the 19th century, British scholars such as Max Mueller propagated falsified invasionist scenarios of Indo-Aryan Migration in India as part of a systematic and well-organized propaganda campaign to create sectarian divisions on the basis of racial perceptions contrasting the so-called upper-caste Aryans and lower-caste Dravidians. It also provided the british (who saw themselves as pure-blooded anglo-Saxon Aryans), a justification for their colonization of South Asia (since “Brahmins did it too”).In colonial India this propagandistic reconstruction of an epoch lying almost three to four thousand years in the past changed created a volume of pseudohistorical literature, causing the brainwashed masses in the South into an “internalized past” through an act of “semioticization the Aryan migration”. Periyar and his followers exploited this body of literature to advance the notion of a “Pure Dravidian Race”, superior in every way to the “despicable” Aryan Brahmins, philosophies that historian Michael Bergunder compares to the ideas of Herrenvolk in Nazi Germany.

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He declared Indian independence as a day of slavery and declared it as a day of mourning. He fought for the separation of Tamil areas of India and Sri Lanka and for the human rights of the oppressed Tamil diaspora. He backed colonial rule and attempted to forge an alliance with both Ambedkar and Jinnah.

EVR’s comment on Tamil as a “language of barbarians” haunted him later in life. He was a strong proponent of embracing English as the global language and dropping Tamil from academics. To this day, his followers choose to ignore discussions on this topic.

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Periyar’s Otherside

V Sundaram interviews Author M.Venkatesan

“..During the course of my interview, he told me with an anguished feeling that if only people cared to read my book on ‘E V Ramasamy Naickar’, then they will clearly understand how some sections of people in Tamilnadu, behaving like heads of cattle, were brainwashed into the hero-worship of E V Ramasamy Naickar, completely ignoring the inherent and fundamental contradictions in his self-proclaimed ideologies founded only on communal hatred of Brahmins and atheistic hatred of Hindu Gods. Venkatesan’s view is that Periyar wrongly thought that when he attacked Brahmins, he was attacking Hinduism and when he attacked Hinduism, he was attacking Brahmins….’I am really ashamed of those people who have veneration for E V Ramasamy Naickar and his perverse philosophy of selective hatred of men and things. I am no less rational or serious than him when I say this’, observed Venkatesan.

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Love by Periyar

What is love? What is its power? How does it begin and how long does it exist? When does it blossom and when does it wither? what is the reason for its disappearance? These are some of the questions for which if we try to find answers we will see the hollowness of the word “love” and the folly of the humans in praising it sky-high.

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